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How to start

1. Reach out

The first step is to reach out to us! Whether it's reaching out through the contact form here on the website, contacting myself (coach) directly at, or connecting with us on social media and saying "hey I'm interested in joining." Once we connect, we'll talk goals, background training history, answer questions, etc. And during this stage you'll receive our waiver to get going. Team membership is $100/month and will be set up in this first phase.

2. Start training

Once you've reached this point, I will gather up all of the info I have from you (past PRs, current PRs, goals, hopes & dreams, etc.) and will begin to build out a big athlete profile. We'll discuss starting days further and get sync'd up so that I can be accessible during your training. I'll review any videos you have from recent lifts and have you record a few videos during your training, then we'll break down your biggest priorities and needs on the technical front. We'll discuss correlations between lifts and map out the upcoming training together. Generally there's a break in period between 2-6 weeks depending on past training experience and what you were doing most recently to starting training with Rambo Barbell. I deliver your programming weekly by using Google Sheets which is very accessible and very editable through the Google Sheets app! And of course as you're training and have any questions, I'm available to help you!

3. Programming

From the start of your training and beyond, I build out everyone's programming differently. At the heart of it all, I truly believe that we all respond differently to training and what one person needs can vary significantly from person to person. Some people respond extraordinarily well to high volume whereas others get ruined by it. Some people respond excellently to high intensity whereas others get weaker if they lose their volume base. Some people respond to a very minimum dose approach with rare bouts of high volume or high intensity. So, as your coach, I take it seriously to explore, gradually build out, and understand what you need. Then, when it comes to exercise selection, again, everyone is so different. Some individuals need significant emphasis on the posterior chain whereas others have very clear deficits in quadricep and hip flexor strength that need addressing. As you can imagine these differences appear in manyyyy other ways across the body, but also even in lifestyle & stress differences! This leads to larger differences in days/wk training, training types, etc. And we haven't even discussed more physiological differences that leads to different movement styles and technical direction. Programming is one of my absolute favorite parts of the training process and I handle the use of your custom individualized program as a fluid guide to getting you to your goals. No matter who it is, the program will change in small ways (and some times large ways) but we use it as a guide to collectively grow appropriate training volume at measurable intensities. Whether it's moving SO WELL in an autoregulatory set that we take a single and need to adjust the rest of the week/month or if you had a hard day before training so we take 10% off of working sets or need to take the day off all together. The huge key is we adjust and listen to your body so that we can always keep your health and safety at front of mind. 

4. Communication

If these steps were in order of important, communication would most certainly be number 1! It's up to you to reach out to your coach and discuss how lifting is feeling so that we can be sure that you're getting what you need from day to day, week to week, and month to month! It holds you accountable, keeps the gains growing, maximizes your understanding, and really helps foster a strong collaborative relationship with your coach! Always ask questions, ask for clarification, and keep your primary goals at the front of your mind.

5. Results

At this point results are nearly inevitable with time. But as any lifter or athlete knows, the gains come from what you do outside of the gym. Our team has always had a 100% progress rate because we attack the weakest parts of each major movement, continue to grow and condition the strengths, and always keep technique, speed, and quality prioritized - all being done within very data-driven and science-backed programming that meets you exactly where you are. Outside of the gym if your nutrition is on lock, you're sleeping 8-9 hours per night, and you're not fighting stress then good things happen! But each of these pieces are super valuable to discuss with your coach and can act as a "cheat code" when it comes to progress. You deserve enjoyment and gains if you're putting in time at the gym. As a result of everything working together and you working as hard as you can, the results will come at the right times.

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